Housekeeping accessories

Opting for quality housekeeping accessories will provide great value in the long run. At Weylandts, we look for ways to help you live the good life, which is why we have sourced products that make things easier on a daily basis.

Our accessories include bags of high quality washing pegs that will not harshly impact your clothing when they are hung up to dry.

Meraki Dish Washing Liquid has been sourced all the way from Denmark and is made of a gentle soap with a fresh scent which will leave dishes sparkling, while just a single pump is enough to cater for five litres of water.

Pot scours and cleaning cloths offer effective cleaning without damaging the products you are looking to wash. We even offer quality leather fly swatters that will keep pests at bay while enjoying outdoor meals with friends or family.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best; browse our full range of housekeeping accessories below.


Water Hyacinth Door Carpet



Moro Frame Drying Rack



Drying Rack With Peg Bag