Getting to Know Jackie Burger

A natural inspiration, Jackie intrigued us by sharing career highlights, simple yet sensible workspace necessities and paramount spiritual practices. Discover more about this extraordinary fashion icon.

At what age did you begin to consider a career in fashion (or perhaps design in general)?

My “career” unfolded very organically – I pursued my interests and curiosities and never strategised a career path as such. Even my latest venture is the culmination of ideas and visualised opportunities possible in the zeitgeist of today’s time.

Which fashion era or design movement resonates with you?

It is difficult to pick one since each era provokes a creative thought process that stimulates and mobilises the next. If I have to choose, it will be the Art Nouveau movement.

In your opinion, what are common challenges most fashion editors or content curators face?

Curation and/or editing challenges a point of view and requires insight into the marketplace, the audience we cater to and the manner in which we choose to render content today. The latter is so much more than a written or visual message. It is a shared experience that tells a story and cultivates a trusted relationship.

Share a morning ritual that you believe contributes to a good start to a working day.

My spiritual practice is paramount and includes meditation, penning thoughts in my daily journal and sun salutations yoga.

Share 5 workspace essentials you simply cannot live without.

Fresh flowers, notebooks, fragrant candles, clever storage units, and a most comfortable chair.

Where do you turn to for content curation inspiration, or more specifically, your next Salon 58 soirée theme?

It is a fusion of intuitive thought and tipping point concepts, aimed to inspire creative collaboration, stimulate conversation and keep the salon experience relevant and current.

Do you believe it takes a certain type of person to be a fashion editor or content curator, or is it all talent and hard work?

In my books, it comprises of conviction, a strong and principled aesthetic and dedication. Above all, it is fuelled by an insatiable passion.

In your admirable career, is there one specific project that you’re particularly proud of?

I view my highlights with a sense of gratitude rather than pride since these projects came to fruition as a result of many talented individuals believing in the premise and potential of the projects. The ones that stand out are young talent competitions such as Elle Rising Star and Elle Style Reporter. Both initiatives created an entrepreneurial platform for young design and content creatives.

Name one fashion or design-related event everyone should try to attend at least once.

There are so many diverse events on the annual calendar both locally and internationally. My fondest and most treasured ones are the fashion retrospectives I had the privilege to experience in Paris. The Madame Grès Retrospective at Musèe Bourdelle 2011 will always remain my most favourite.

Which three destinations should be on every fashion editor’s bucket list?

Paris – Africa – India

If one only had 48 hours to spare, which city would offer the greatest fashion fix?

To quote Audrey Hepburn in the movie Sabrina: “Paris is always a good idea.”