Architectural Trends

Macio and Anya were asked to consider and share current architecture trends as well as what they think the future holds for the industry. All this plus a few recommended industry reads.

Which architectural trends have you been noticing in 2015? Any predictions for 2016?

Anya: Perhaps it is the winter talking, but I believe that residential architecture will focus more on the concept of “home” and comfort, rather than on asset and acquisition display. Integrity and genuine honest values are what will shape our future spaces, both residential and commercial.

Macio: Nowadays, much is being written about ‘how buildings are made’, and the socio-political context in which construction is taking place. This will continue to develop as we learn more about sustainability, in the broader sense of the term. We are at the threshold of a paradigm shift – even greater than that of the Industrial Age.

Recommended Industry Books & Magazines