Meet multi-award winning tastemakers, Macio Miszewski and Anya van der Merwe.
Inside this month’s issue: Their source of inspiration explained, must-visit architectural marvels shared and pieces worth reading revealed.

Getting to Know Macio & Anya

Welcome to Anya and Macio’s world – from childhood moments triggering their interest in architecture to structural marvels everyone should experience.

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Tastemakers Choice

Anya van der Merwe and Macio Miszewski picked 5 beautiful Weylandts pieces they like. Explore the tastes of individuals with an eye for design.

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A carefully selected wine collection could be yours. The perfect accompaniment to meals shared with friends.

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Tastes to be Shared

One destination. Two days only. Anya and Macio each share a city they believe would provide a sufficient architecture fix in 48 hours.

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Binds of the Times

Discover this issue’s three recommended reads, handpicked for you by Weylandts Tastemakers.

What to Read

Architecture Trends

Macio and Anya discuss present and future architecture trends, rounded off with recommended industry magazines and books for aspiring architects.

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