Vases & vessels

Nothing beats the beauty of nature, which is why Weylandts has found ways to help you incorporate this natural elegance in various parts of your home.

Our selection of vases will allow for exquisite displays, with a range of shapes and sizes to cater for all design needs. Whether you are looking to bring the sweet scent of fresh flowers into a living room, or create a unique display of your own, our glass vases will provide the perfect base.

These expertly crafted vessels are of a high quality, while we also have unique bucket and pot vases that are beautiful enough to display on their own.

Vases are versatile decorative pieces that are open to the imagination, allowing you to create customised displays that are completely unique. Our variety of colours and designs also ensures that you will find something that perfectly blends into you current colour scheme.

Create the perfect display by browsing the vases available online, on Weylandts.


Circlet Vase


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Black Dip Vase



Soot Lid Vessels

From R675.00

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Smudge Vase Skinny


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Carbon Cone Vase



Jute Washed Vases

From R995.00

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