Enter the kingdom of scatter cushions. A place where these art pieces play two roles: providing aesthetic appeal to onlookers and offering comfort to adoring owners and guests.

Scatter cushions can drastically enhance the look of your lounge suite, while they are also perfect for various other seating options throughout the home.

Whether you want natural materials such as lambskin or linen options with exquisite designs, Weylandts boasts an extensive range of scatter cushions.

They are also available in a wide range of sizes, with natural colours from shades of brown to charcoal, along with more vibrant colours that are sure to stand out. We also have cushions that boast tribal designs and make use of multiple materials.

The sheer variety means that you will easily find cushions that will match your colour schemes in every area of your home, so browse online on Weylandts to stock up on versatile scatter cushions.