Lighting accessories

Your choice of lighting can determine the overall look and atmosphere of your home, and at Weylandts we offer you the option to create the perfect setting with a wide selection of lighting accessories.

Our quality soft LED bulbs offer lighting options that are easy on the eye, with the variety of bulb designs ranging from retro-looking round bulbs to bulbs that are shaped like the flame of a candle. There are also carbon filament bulbs as well as vintage options that will complete the perfect rustic look.

All of the lighting accessories we source are made from high quality materials, ensuring that bulbs will enjoy a decent lifespan before offering their final flicker, while LED bulbs will lessen the overall carbon footprint of your home.

Whether you want a soft glow in the background, or need an area to be well lit for security or work purposes, you are sure to find lighting options that are both functional and stylish. Browse our range of products below.