Kitchen storage

Storage options are usually stowed away until the goods they keep are needed, but in the kitchen, the style of your storage containers is extremely important.

At Weylandts, we understand that these accessories are part of the overall visual appeal of your kitchen, which is why we have sourced kitchen storage options that are unique, elegant and naturally beautiful.

Utensil holders own prime space on kitchen tops or tables, while condiment canisters are often on display for all to see. Our containers are available in various colours and designs to cater for all kitchen themes, while there are even options with wood or bamboo lids to compliment more rustic settings.

Our multi-bowl containers are perfect for keeping food fresh or serving, while wire baskets and other storage bowls will cater for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Retain order without sacrificing on style by stocking up on high quality kitchen storage at Weylandts.


Natural Egg Basket



Poppins Storage Range

From R175.00

More options available


Milano Kitchen Storage Range

From R115.00

More options available

Sale - Less 30%

Glass Storage Range

From R108.50

More options available

Sale - Less 30%

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