Unique decorative accents

Ordinary doesn’t offer inspiration. Your choice of décor should inspire and intrigue, which is why we have gone to great lengths to source unique décor that tells a story and catches the eye.

From vintage pots and suitcases, to items that showcase ancient cultures, we have a wide selection of options that will suit any theme or room design.

Our vintage products offer that desired worn or used look, however, they are of a remarkably high quality to ensure that they don’t lose that warm aesthetic appeal over time.

The likes of marble plates and teak bowls are perfect alternatives to trays, while wooden pots will take pride of place in rustic kitchens. Added to this, our vintage boxes and trunks offer you extra storage space that will ignite your imagination.

Spice up your design with a touch of the extraordinary by browsing the full range of unique décor on offer at Weylandts.