Enhance your living spaces with luxurious cowhides and leather rugs from Weylandts. Rugs not only add warmth to a room, but they also drastically improve the look and feel of a space.

Whether you have tiled floors or are looking for something that fits into a design theme, our hides, which are available with or without hair, can make a real difference.

It can break the monotony that comes with larger open rooms, while they are also perfect for corridors where you may regularly be walking without shoes on.

We offer hides in a range of colours, all treated to ensure durability for many years to come, while they are also soft and comfortable to walk on. You will also be glad to know that our hides are only sourced from abattoirs that comply with international health and safety standards, while no chemicals are used during the tanning process.

Give your home a natural touch with cowhides and leather rugs from Weylandts.