Candles & candleholders

Bring a magical touch to any room with elegant candleholders and a range of exquisite lanterns that will certainly add to the atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to cater to a themed entertainment area, or just want alternative lighting that creates a specific mood, lanterns are perfect options. Lanterns are available in everything from glass designs, to wire votive, all of which are unique and will offer incredible lighting effects.

Our candleholders are equally magnificent and range from eccentric, to simple and elegant. Size options are also varied, catering for rooms of all sizes.

The lighting in a home can often be overlooked, but making use of these simple decorative accents can truly enhance an environment, creating a space that is inviting and homely.

Don’t settle for plain lamps or other lighting accessories that do little to enhance the visual design of your rooms, browse the full range of candleholders and lanterns available online, on Weylandts.