Duvets & pillow inners

Indulge in undeniably comfortable duvets and pillows, cast in natural tones; inviting bedding chosen for blissful slumber and tranquil mornings.

Choosing high quality linen is no good if you are filling it with sub-standard inners. At Weylandts, we provide the perfect partner to hotel-quality linen with duvet and pillow inners that are just as luxurious.

Our pillows are made up of three chambers, with the unique construction boasting firm inner cores made from goose feathers and down, which provides maximum support, while the outer layers boast soft goose down for superior comfort and air flow.

Our duvets are hypoallergenic and conform to European standard, ensuring the highest quality, with size options ranging from single to queen and king duvets.

Don’t let your bedding give you sleepless nights. A good night of restful sleep ensures maximum energy and productivity through the day, so browse the high quality options available online, on Weylandts.


3-Chamber Pillow Range

From R595.00

More options available


Feather Down Duvet Inner Range

From R2,895.00

More options available