Laundry baskets

Laundry doesn’t have to be an eye-sore. At Weylandts, we have crafted quality laundry baskets and storage options that will deal with used clothing, without dampening the design of your bathroom.

Our handwoven laundry baskets will add a little warmth to the room, with a variety of designs available to cater for any colour schemes that you may have used.

These items are also light and easy to handle when you are ready to move them to the wash room, while the selection of sizes will also cater for bathrooms both big and small.

Our natural products are also built to handle the demands that come with residing in a bathroom, ensuring that they won’t quickly deteriorate due to regular moisture in the room.

So whether you want to store extra towels or hide wash-ready wear in handwoven laundry baskets, view the selection of bathroom laundry and storage options below and you are sure to find something that meets your needs.

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Laundry Basket with Handles



Modern Laundry Basket



Laundry Basket with Lid



Beaded Laundry Basket



Modern Seagrass Laundry Basket