Bar stools

Bring friends and loved ones closer together with a selection of barstools – ideal chairs for fueling interesting conversation, celebrating in style, laughing and reminiscing, or simply a casual dinner at the counter.

The humble bar stool has been witness to incredible stories as well as been the platform for a celebration toast after landmark moments in one’s life.

At Weylandts, we understand the intricate details that make a bar stool one of the most important elements of any party. Along with adding to the visual aesthetic of your bar, they also need to provide the utmost comfort while still being able to withstand regular use.

Whether you have created your own whisky lounge and require leather bar stools to add to the rustic feel, or want something a little more modern, you are sure to find options that suit your design and taste.

Top up your bar with unique bar stools from Weylandts.


Tami Bar Stool - Black



Manila Bar Stool



Leila Bar Stool



Trace Bar Stool