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Sky Floor Lamp – Ebony

Ebony Sky was conceived as a kind of “orb” or hanging world suspended from the most delicate structure we could conceive of. The diffuser is composed of random configuration of individual silk cocoons, each of which is attached to a hand soldered wire matrix with approximately 1000 different soldering points. The design is the culmination of Ango’s experimenting with using the magic of the chrysalis shell as a light diffuser and continues their narrative of fusing nature and technology.

Started in 2003, and based in Thailand, the brand has been building up momentum and is now exported throughout the world including Europe, USA, Middle East & Australia. Lighting designs by Ango represent an allegory about living alongside nature in a technological world, with each design proposing an organic form, that is usually composed of natural materials and which is then transformed by the miracle of lighting technology.


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Product code LAMPCONT1429
Color Black
Finish Black
Materials Stainless Steel; Silk Cocoon
Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 700 x 1500 x 2300 mm