Clear Oval Kar Vase


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This range of glassware is beautifully handcrafted in Poland. Poland is widely recognised as one of the premier glass making areas in the world, where “hand or mouth-blown” glass is the basic method used by Polish artists, which has made the area famous for its creative and high-quality art glass. Raw material is placed in a kiln, where it’s melted at extreme high temperatures and then molded by highly skilled artisans to their desired shape. Throughout this long history of glassblowing, skilled men endured the tremendous heat to coax beautiful forms from the fire using nothing more than their breath and a few simple tools, roughly the same tools that were used over two thousand years ago. 

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Product codeACCGLASS0209
FinishCold Cut
Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions270 × 270 × 270 mm

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