At Weylandts, we believe that every person creates her own personal aesthetic. Our six different Lifestyles provides a starting point from which to explore our wide range of furniture and homeware. See it as a rough guide to use — six different ways to approach your dream home, or six personalities to try on as you find your own unique interior voice.

The Curator, The Designer, The Modernist, The Retreat, The Naturalist and The Icon each has its own set of characteristics. Yet they can also be integrated with each other to create your own personal aesthetic vision. Combine the urban functionality of The Modernist lifestyle with authentic, bold pieces of The Icon lifestyle. Or let nature meet luxury by merging the Naturalist and The Designer lifestyle. It’s all up to you. And if you’re not entirely sure, simply ask our in-store consultants for some expert interior advice.

Pick your favourite Lifestyle and start exploring.