Contact: Customers can consult our in-store sales staff or speak to the Retail Managers at all our branches.

Costs: for exports will vary according to; the volume of the shipment, destination and export method.

Invoicing: Invoices reflect 15% VAT (as of 1st April 2018).

Assistance includes the following

  • Providing original invoices.
  • Assisting with product specifications (size, weight, product materials, care instructions, packing – i.e. flat packed vs. fully assembled products).
  • Providing assembly instructions and charts (if applicable).
  • Obtaining quotations for exports from forwarding agents (if customer requires this).
  • Delivering products to local address prior to shipment.


  • Customers purchase products from Weylandts and obtain an invoice.
  • Sales Consultants assist with providing product information.
  • Weylandts assists with obtaining a quotation for exporting the products.
  • Customer accepts the quotation.
  • Export agent is contacted to arrange export date and associated paperwork.
  • Weylandts delivers product to local address as required by Export Agent.
  • Paperwork is finalized and filed in.
  • Customer is contacted to follow up on arrival of products at destination.


  • Weylandts can only arrange to export Weylandts products as invoiced.
  • Export Agents will communicate their own requirements and liaise directly with the customer.
  • Weylandts cannot be held liable for arrangements between Export Agents and Customers directly.
  • Customers should read all documents before signing and ensure that the content of the export agreement has been clearly explained to them.