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Website related questions

What if I have a comment, question, or concern?
Can I purchase Weylandts products on the web?
What information is collected about me when I visit the site?
Can I find all Weylandts products on this site?

Gift cards

Does Weylandts do Gift Vouchers?
Do you have a gift registry completion programme?


Can you tell me the availability of a specific item?
How can I get large items home?
Why are some items out of stock?
What happens if something goes wrong with my product?
Can you customise certain products?
Does Weylandts offer a turnkey service to deal with projects?
Is there a delivery charge?

Store details

Where is the nearest Weylandts store?
Can someone help me plan and design rooms?
Does Weylandts ever have sales?
What methods of payment do you accept?

Weylandts catalogue

Is there a Weylandts catalogue?

Corporate questions

Who owns the Weylandts concept?
Can I become a franchisee?
How does Weylandts approach environmental issues?
Where is the Weylandts head office and how can I contact it?

Careers at Weylandts

Positions available at Weylandts?

Can I exchange or return items?

Exchanges And Returns
Refund Procedures
Is there a warranty on products?
What is my warranty on timber and leather products?
What is my warranty on mattresses?
What is my warranty on imported products?