The Tuareg Collection

Timber that tells a thousand tales.

In tropical forests of East Java teak, acasia and mahogany trees are used to build sturdy homes for the local inhabitants. Many years pass, with the wood gaining a weathered character before falling into disuse as the homes are abandoned. Instead of leaving this high-quality wood to decay, a team of traditional craftsmen start to patiently uncover the beauty lying just under the surface — exposing a subtle spectrum of sand-coloured timbre hues.

With its slick steel framework, each piece in this range is equally at home as a centrepiece in a minimalist contemporary home or as part of an eclectic décor narrative. Whether it’s a sideboard, cabinet, table or bookcase — or all of them — run your eye along the scars, cracks and joints of this unique range of furniture and be reminded of each piece’s multi-layered origin.