Take a leaf from nature’s book

Create a story of intrigue, introspection and inspiring combinations with a landscape of natural textures and unique pieces that manage to be both comforting and daringly different.

The Monaco bed in sand-coloured leather is reminiscent of the soulful desert plains of Namibia, while the Bold pedestal with cracked wood detailing evokes a dried riverbed in a wintry savannah landscape. But the story is about more than wide open African landscapes. It’s also one of Scandinavian hygge and cosy comfort. Natural Tibetan sheepskin rugs and Mongolian goat hide throws bring an element of otherworldly and exotic into the mix while historical illustration wall art adds yet another layer to this lush story.

And then there’s the Spindle bench— a contemporary classic made from teak wood and woven Kubu peel. Combine it with our 100% stonewashed bedding with double flange with double flange finishes and hand-embroidered stitching in a range of warm winter colours.