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Our Year In Pictures

It feels great to be able to pay tribute to the year with a visual summary of beautiful images. This is a snapshot of our world in 2014, captured so eloquently by our photographic team. These are some all-time favourites.
The Leo Chair and Ottoman, looking contemplative next to the old Indian almirah.
The Moroccan carpet, steeped in history and family tradition. Sourced from the remote villages and fruit farming towns of Turkey.
The Rochester sofa, commanding attention with such an air of uprightness. Under the influence of that guiding light, the Milano.
And how about the disarming simplicity of an industrial fold-up iron chair? How wonderful that simplicity has such a fullness – that simple can be so perfect, in its own way.
For different reasons, each of these images stirs a visceral response in me. They’re filled with reminders of journeys travelled, representing a multitude of conversations, itineraries and notes in the diary.
Our 2014 was a year of departures and homecoming. Collecting and editing. Curating and revising.
Seeing the wonder and seeking out potential beyond the obvious is what keeps each year from being more than just a number in the great calendar of life. It makes every year a star in the galaxy of a life inspired by beauty.
Thanks for being part of the picture.
Styling and art direction: Jane MacDonald
Photography: Jessamy Steenkamp

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