Weylandts has always looked to nature for inspiration. The current trend of going back to nature as the ultimate form of luxury comes as no surprise to us. Our handwoven products made of rattan and jute are crafted by skilled artisans from different corners of the earth and celebrate the understated beauty of nature’s colours and textures.



Jute, also known as the ‘golden fibre’ due to its versatility is a long, soft vegetable fibre that can be spun into strong threads. Primarily produced in India and Bangladesh, these threads have been used for many centuries to make rope and dhurries, or carpets. Our wide selection of imported dhurries from the Indian subcontinent is chosen for their aesthetic appeal and level of craftsmanship.


Often associated with the free spirit of the 60s and 70s, rattan furniture and homeware has been making a big comeback in the last couple of years, with designers exploring both cleaner lines and re-imagined shapes. With its visible construction and natural feel, it’s a material that creates a laidback, organic feel to a space. Our inspiring collection of rattan lights and baskets is both inspiring and timeless.


Traveling far and wide, we go out of our way to source the most unique handwoven products. Our relationship with skilled traditional craftsmen and women from remote areas of  India, Bangladesh, Indonesia is the basis of our ongoing commitment to the art of handwoven products celebrating the wonders of nature.

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