Collaborating with three of the most exciting young female industrial designers, Weylandts has created The Theatre of Sleep for 100% Design South Africa. Interpreting the brief ‘100% sleep’, Weylandts explored four stages of the act of sleeping and dreaming and expressed each in a whimsical pod. Each pod, or stage, features especially commissioned pieces by Urbanative, Mash.T and Monique Vee, and aims to challenge the way we see bedroom furniture.


Founded by Thabisa Mjo, Mash.T focuses on telling uniquely South African stories through the medium of design. She is the curator of Sacrosanct, the first collective showing of SA designers at the Milan Design Week. She’s designed the Tutu 2.0 Pendant Light, the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at Design Indaba 2018 and has won the 2017 Future Found Award and Best Product Design award at 100% Design 2016.


Monique is a minimalist who explores the principal truth of designed objects from an analytical perspective. She is a Design Indaba Alumni and has been cited one of South Africa’s top 10 young creatives to look out for. Monique holds a patent for suspended systems and her products have been showcased at 100% Design South Africa as well as featured at Vienna Design week.


Founded by Mpho Vackier, a metallurgical engineer turned furniture designer, Urbanative explores African stories and cultural graphics by juxtaposing it with modern product design. Vackier’s accolades include being part of Design Indaba 2017’s Class of Emerging Creatives as well as having the Nenzima Desk nominated for Design Indaba 2019’s Most Beautiful Object.

Products from the theatre of sleep

Capsule Wardrobe

The Capsule wardrobe’s contemporary silhouette and open structure make it a masterclass in design that will instantly add a striking touch to your bedroom. With pill-shaped solid oak shelving as well as, handwoven rope detail on the sides, this wardrobe is as stylish as it is functional and will look amazing with your clothes in it.  

Dawn & Midnight Mirrors

Reminiscent of the light in the sky just before sunrise, the Dawn mirror is an immaculately designed piece that reflects on nature’s beauty to create an impactful statement. The Midnight mirror is reminiscent of a calming night sky, encapsulating the feeling of a dream-like state that will add a soothing touch to the atmosphere of any room. The glass is chemically treated to get its specific, brilliant coloured hue providing a distinctive look and feel that will leave a lasting impression on your houseguests. 

Zig Zag Lamps

The Zig Zag light effortlessly brings a touch of texture and warmth to any space. Crafted with a steel frame and woven with wool fibres, this light allows you to easily fine-tune the atmosphere of your room, providing you with a dreamy and moody lighting option.  

L Shelf

These shelves are a masterclass in design and provide a unique display and storage option for your home. These shelves come in various sizes and can even be used as a floating bed side table (for extra style points). Versatile and extremely functional, these shelves provide a contemporary component to your living space. 

Leap Clothing Rail

This Leap clothing rail effortlessly combines clean lines with statement-making textures. The bases are handcasted in terrazzo in a pink, orange and grey aggregate, while it also features a playful, looped steel frame to hang clothing on. The Leap clothing rail crosses the divide between art and functionality and the end result is a distinctive piece that will instantly take your space to a whole new level. 

Half Moon Shelves

Incorporate a unique, beautifully designed element to your living space with these Half Moon shelves. Its rolled-steel construction and perfectly balanced proportions are ideal for bathrooms and entrance halls, providing you with the perfect place to keep small amenities. These shelves can be installed up or down.  

Hourglass Stools

The Hourglass stool has a wonderfully textured design that will bring a unique element to your living space. This wire stool is handwoven by skilled weavers in different styles — giving it its eye-catching allure, while different fibres such as cotton and wool are used to complete the look.  

xxx Headboard

Freshen up the look and feel of your bedroom with this beautifully crafted headboard. It’s made of solid oak and oak veneer and printed with the eye-catching and distinctive Urbantive pattern. With curved lines and a textured allure, this headboard is the perfect piece to complete the look of your bedroom.  

Capsule Bench

The Capsule bench is designed with clean lines, bold geometry and a striking splash of colour. It features a steel frame with meticulous, handwoven rope details, while its rounded sofa-like shape is ideal to place at the end of your bed or at a dressing table. This contemporary piece immediately adds an eccentric and breathtaking aspect to any room that it’s placed in. 

Nostalgia Swing

Incorporate a playful element to your home with this Nostalgia swing. Perfect as a seating option (that’s way more fun than a chair) this swing features a solid oak seat, a natural fibre rope as well as durable steel handles. Playful, stylish and functional, this swing brings an eye-catching aspect to any room.