Getting to Know Dawn Jorgensen

We managed to keep Dawn in one place for a while to ask her about her childhood memories, travel habits and favourite destinations.

What is your first memory travelling abroad?

When I was 18 years old I lived in Jerusalem, Israel for a year
on an American Field Scholarship. I went there from Welkom in
the Free State, leaving home for the first time. I could not have
been less prepared for the adventure that awaited me.

How often do you travel?

At the moment I’m travelling an average of 10 or more days
each month.

Share a morning ritual that you believe contributes to a good start to a day’s traveling.

My mornings are precious both at home and when I’m away. Normally, I sleep for however long my schedule allows, get up
and make tea in the room. Then I open windows and take in
the views while laying out the things I will need for the day i.e.
cameras, lenses, battery charger, phone, scarfs, GoPro. Next,
I have a shower and get dressed. I’m pretty organised. I hardly
ever go to breakfast. I prefer having fruit in my room to enjoy
extra time alone with my thoughts before the day starts.

What are the challenges you face when travelling?

The worst and most challenging part is that I really miss my
dogs, Tuscan and Sienna Storm. I also don’t work enough while
mobile, which means jobs pile up.

Share 5 travel essentials you simply cannot travel without?

I always take my MacBook, phone and cameras; lots of scarves;
a big floppy hat and a very comprehensive first aid kit. And a
copy of my passport together with a separate credit card, just in

Which countries inspire you?

I find inspiration wherever I travel, but if I had to choose I’d say Benin, Madagascar, Rwanda, Mauritius and Thailand where I
found a change happen within.

Which destination should be on everyone’s bucket list?

Kenya for a Masai Mara Safari. The colours and density of game
on the plains are magical.

What personality traits do you think contribute greatly to successful travelling?

It helps to have an open mind and willingness to learn from new experiences. A love for people and their cultures without fear of
the unknown, together with a longing to be humbled. But
most important of all is gratitude.

Who would you choose as a travelling partner in an ideal world?

I mostly like to travel alone as it gives me the freedom to talk to strangers, be introspective and choose my daily path. That said,
I love a guide! As a travelling companion, I’d choose my friend
Linda Markovina. We’ve shared many travel adventures – from gorilla trekking in Uganda to walking 125 km to raise awareness for African penguins.

Which country would you revisit in a heartbeat?

Every single one of them! Each travel experience had its rewards
and left me wanting more. But if I were offered a ticket, I’d go to

Nominate a travel experience everyone should try, at least once.

Eating gelato on the cobbled square in Florence with its perfect view
of the Duomo.