Tastes & Trends

Jackie shares her personal tastes and thoughts on fashion trends. Discover a world of advice and insights – from wardrobe tips, fashion must-haves and innovations she’s excited about to elements she plans to incorporate into her work.

Fashion Tips Must-haves

Jackie’s wardrobe tips and staple fashion pieces worth investing in.

Wardrobe Tips

  • Rely on denims. You can’t go wrong.
  • Build your collection of signature accessories and jewellery.
  • Have a shoe selection that is both functional and selective.
  • Always keep a well-organised closet.

Staple Fashion Pieces

  • The classic white shirt.
  • An all-season coat.
  • All-purpose investment bag.
  • Signature sunglasses.
  • Red lipstick.

Current Fashion Trends

Jackie prefers to look at innovations and not trends.
She was particularly excited about the currencies of sustainability, collaboration and storytelling.

The Future

We’re always curious about Jackie’s upcoming soirée conversations and installations. Here are some elements and concepts that might make an appearance in the near future…

Tactile Textures: Indulge the Senses

Look out for textiles with surface variations – lace, sequins, leather, wool, satin and crochet – that collide to tantilise our senses.

Opposites Attract: The Allure of the Unexpected

Masculine & Feminine: Tweed power suit + silk blouse and statement jewellery.

Elegant & Edgy: Copper lace dress with motorcycle jacket, heels and spiky accessories. Oversized & Tight: Picture cashmere blanket wraps over smooth, tight attire.

Customised Attire: Dress it Your Way

Think made-to-measure solutions and brands allowing fans and customers to personalise (or even design) their own attire. Bespoke tailoring gives customers a sense of control and enhances the connection between brand and shopper. Definitely something to watch out for.