The use of natural stone detail is a wonderful way to give a refined ambience to an interior. The splendour of countless palaces around the world over millennia attest to the long-lasting elegance of granite, marble, travertine and other stone. Today, the introduction of technology in the production of stone makes it available as a viable and durable option for many. Weylandts’ products feature a range of natural and engineered stone, as well as ceramics and glass, in a wide variety of cutting edge designs.



Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years. This happens naturally in the earth’s crust. Marble is mined in huge slabs in various parts of the world and then polished by trained craftsmen to attain its recognizable luxuriously smooth texture.


Ceramic and porcelain are made from natural clay heated at very high temperatures. Traditional methods have been around for centuries and our homeware collections emphasize the handmade imperfections of the process. Using only pure oxides and other natural components, our imported ranges from Thailand, Portugal and other countries celebrate the organic and creative nature of the process.


In some form or another, concrete has actually been around for thousands of years. Today, sophisticated technology makes it possible to use concrete in a variety of shapes and textures. Weylandts celebrates concrete as a contemporary, affordable material that fits our raw, refined aesthetic. Finishes we use include raw, polished, stained, and coloured surfaces

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