Table lights

Create intimate settings or light up your work space by choosing from the range of desk lamps on offer at Weylandts.

Table lamps allow you to make use of focused light, making them perfect for home offices where you need high visibility that doesn’t hurt your eyes over long periods of use.

Our exquisite range comes in a variety of designs, from tripod lamps to crystal options that mimic the look of a chandelier. Each offers unique lighting and caters for practical or decorative uses. These unique designs will enhance the overall look of any room that they are placed in.

In the bedroom, desk lamps make the ideal companion to your side tables, with the soft light and easy accessibility allowing you to relax while enjoying a good book under the covers.

Find lamps to suit every purpose and taste by browsing the range of options available online, on Weylandts.


Tembo Table Lamp



Pike Street Table Lamp



Portal Table Lamp



Reader Table Light



Sphere Smokey Light



Elegant Table Lamp

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