Brooms & brushes

A new brush sweeps clean, and the options available from Weylandts will continue to do so for months to come. Making use of the best materials, our wooden brooms and brushes are sturdy enough to cater for regular use, with quality bristles offering no escape for dirt on the floor.

Keep your braai area ready for use at all times with a handy grill brush that will deal with leftover grime from the last use, while our impressive shoe brush sets will ensure that you are presentable and ready for any boardroom meeting on the horizon.

You will also find bottle brushes for bathrooms and dishwashing brushes for use in the kitchen, while we even have natural broom options that are perfect for outdoor use, or even as a decorative item in themed spaces.

All of these items are built with style and function in mind, so they will never seem out of place, while still providing maximum performance with each use.

Find a brush for every purpose in the home by browsing the wide range of options available online, on Weylandts.

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Ijug Jebrag Hand Broom



Long Black Shorgum Broom