Plain carpets

These carpets are plain by name but certainly not by design. At Weylandts, we source unique and beautiful carpets that will caress your feet every time you step on them.

Our plain carpets come in a range of natural colours, boasting beautiful shades and made up of luxurious materials — which includes hemp and leather, while handwoven carpets are also available.

No matter how beautiful your tiled floors may be, adding carpets to your home improves overall warmth and comfort, while also breaking up the monotony of long hallways or open spaces.

Carpets are also available in a wide range of sizes, whether you need larger rugs for social hubs in the home, or smaller options for bedrooms and corridors.

The use of high quality materials ensures that our products are extremely durable, meaning that they won’t quickly lose their shape or colour.

Find plain carpets that suit your taste and home design by browsing our selection online, on Weylandts.