Sculptural artwork

Scour our selection of sculptural artwork to discover hidden treasures destined to lend extra charm to your living spaces. Think marvellously manipulated metal, wooden wonders, iron-inspired objects, bronze beauties and so much more.

Artwork is meant to enhance the design or your home, create discussionS, invoke emotion or tell a story. Whether you are looking for something distinctly South African, like an eland or gemsbok skull, or a universal piece that incorporates other cultures, you are sure to find something that intrigues you.

Our range of sculptures is unique, with the wide variety catering for any and every home design — whether you want additions for a rustic, homely feel or modern pieces with twisting metal. There are treasures from the depths of the ocean, fossils that have been hidden for years, as well as pieces showcasing traditions of ancient tribes.


Indian Wooden Spoon



Vintage Indian Artwork Range

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