Munggur Dining Table

R8 995
Munggur Dining Table

This Munggur Dining Table as pictured consists of three elements: The Munggur Dining Table Bases & the Munggur Dining Table Glass Top (2.4m). As many of the bases as needed can be used to suit your requirements.


  • Please note that the Base and Glass Top are priced separately – view Size/Colour options below.
  • The above mentioned price is for one of the bases and not the pair.
  • Timber movement will occur as this is a natural product.
  • Due to the high moisture content of this natural product, please do not place it on a carpet, as this can lead to staining.
Product Code:
Indonesia / China
Glass Top, Munggur Wood
L 2400mm | W 1100mm | H 760mm



BASEINFURN0377L 2400mm | W 1100mm | H 760mmR8 995
GLASSTOPGLASSTOP0006L 2400mm | W 1100mm | H 19mmR10995
GLASSTOPGLASSTOP0007L 3000mm | W 1100mm | H 19mmR14995



Wipe wood daily with a slightly damp cotton cloth to remove dust. Never use harsh chemicals to clean spots and spills. Due to the high moisture content of this product, it is not recommended that it be placed on a carpet as this could lead to staining. It is recommended that plastic spacers be placed between Munggur wood and glass tops to allow air flow. Glass is fragile, handle with care. Add mild detergent (such as Sunlight Liquid) in warm water. Use a new soft cloth, never scouring pads or similar. Use newspaper to polish the glass to prevent streaking. Scratches on glass tops can be removed professionally provided they are not too deep. Can be used outside but the wood will weather. Through sun exposure the patina of this natural product will change to grey in time.