Hamptons Back Cushion 850mm

R2 440
Hamptons Back Cushion 850mm

The Hampton’s is a new sofa system designed by Linteloo Lab. The design is inspired by the Hampton’s lifestyle on Long Island and consists of modular elements, ottomans and arms that can be combined in endless possibilities. The range is interchangeable therefore the configurations are endless and can fit into most spaces and suit all requirements. All elements are freestanding. A further feature allows you to mix different depths on the same configurations. A choice of 2 back cushions may be selected for each element, sold separately.

Product Code:
South Africa
Upholstered with Slip Cover
Fabric, Feathers
L 850mm | W 550mm

Fabric & Leather



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FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0130L 960mm | W 1210mm |H 650mmR17 530
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2277L 960mm | W 1210mm | H 650mmR23400
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0131L 750mm | W 1210mm |H 650mmR16 840
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2280L 750mm | W 1210mm | H 650mmR21800
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0132L 960mm | W 1000mm |H 650mmR16 740
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2283L 960mm | W 1000mm | H 650mmR21800
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0133L 750mm | W 1000mm |H 650mmR16 200
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2286L 750mm | W 1000mm | H 650mmR21000
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0134L 1210mm | W 1210mm |H 650mmR20 260
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2289L 1210mm | W 1210mm | H 650mmR28800
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0135L 1000mm | W 1210mm |H 650mmR19 170
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2295L 1000mm | W 1210mm | H 650mmR27200
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0136L 1210mm | W 1000mm |H 650mmR19 020
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2301L 1210mm | W 1000mm | H 650mmR26100
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0137L 1000mm | W 1000mm |H 650mmR18 380
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2307L 1000mm | W 1000mm | H 650mmR24000
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0138L 1210mm | W 1210mm |H 650mmR20 260
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2313L 1210mm | W 1210mm | H 650mmR28800
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0139L 1000mm | W 1210mm |H 650mmR19 170
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2319L 1000mm | W 1210mm | H 650mmR27200
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0140L 1210mm | W 1000mm |H 650mmR19 610
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2325L 1210mm | W 1000mm | H 650mmR26400
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0141L 1000mm | W 1000mm |H 650mmR18 520
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2331L 1000mm | W 1000mm | H 650mmR24800
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0142L 960mm | W 1210mm |H 530mmR13 700
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2337L 960mm | W 1210mm | H 530mmR18300
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0143L 960mm | W 1000mm |H 530mmR13 050
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2340L 960mm | W 1000mm | H 530mmR16600
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0144L 750mm | W 1210mm |H 530mmR13 050
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2343L 750mm | W 1210mm | H 530mmR16300
FABRICNO ARMSOFAFWEB0145L 750mm | W 1000mm |H 530mmR12 510
LEATHERNO ARMSOFALL2346L 750mm | W 1000mm | H 530mmR15500
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0146L 1210mm | W 1500mm |H 650mmR33 060
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2349L 1210mm | W 1500mm | H 650mmR45000
FABRICLHS ARMSOFAFWEB0147L 1210mm | W 1500mm |H 650mmR32 370
LEATHERLHS ARMSOFALL2355L 1210mm | W 1500mm | H 650mmR42200
FABRICSOFAFWEB0148L 750mm | W 550mmR2 340
LEATHERSOFALL2361L 750mm | W 550mmR3300
FABRICSOFAFWEB0149L 850mm | W 550mmR2 440
LEATHERSOFALL2364L 850mm | W 550mmR3800
FABRICSOFAFWEB0150L 960mm | W 550mmR2 540
LEATHERSOFALL2367L 960mm | W 550mmR4300
FABRICSOFAFWEB0151L 600mm | W 550mmR1 390
LEATHERSOFALL2370L 600mm | W 550mmR2600
FABRICSOFAFWEB0152L 480mm | W 480mmR1 090
LEATHERSOFALL2373L 480mm | W 480mmR1900



Professional cleaning is recommended. Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth, do not rub or use harsh chemicals.