Glacier Dining Table


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Like a primeval volcanic eruption frozen in time, Glacier spectacularly freezes logs of burnt timber in Crystalline Acrylic. The ice cold smooth appearance contrasts with the charred remains of the rugged timber, like mixing fire and ice.

The dining table features four beams of timber encased in acrylic, set atop two large timbers also in acrylic. The spectacular bubbling finish is uniquely different on each piece. Relaxed and casual dining, perfect for storytelling around the table.

Special Note: Each piece is unique and made individually, therefore patterns and extent of bubbles within the acrylic may vary.

Please note that the colour and finish of the product may vary from the image shown. Enquire in-store.

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Product codeLIMITED0108
MaterialsCrystalline Acrylic; Burnt Timber
Weight370 kg
Dimensions2500 × 1000 × 750 mm

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