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Five Stone Floor Lamp

ALLUSION TO THE MYSTICAL TREE The five sections of the light are made using a special process wh, ere a non toxic water based polymer is hand cast in layers onto a mould and rattan wires are embe, dded into the material as a reinforcement This is a continuation of Angos development of new c, omposite materials from a combination on natural materials and man made materials The light base, is a triangulated stainless steel structure which is hand finished Started in 2003 and based in, Thailand the brand has been building up momentum and is now exported throughout the world includ, ing Europe USA Middle East Australia Lighting designs by Ango represent an allegory about l, iving alongside nature in a technological world with each design proposing an organic form that, is usually composed of natural materials and which is then transformed by the miracle of lighting, technology.


Product code LAMPCONT0077
Origin Thailand
Material Stainless Steel, Hand Cast Polymer
Finish Natural
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