Fabio Sofa

R21 880
Fabio Sofa

This modular design is made by Dutch company Linteloo, an established design firm who bring together international designers and European craftsmen to create enduring contemporary furniture. Linteloo currently manufactures these models in Italy, based on similar principles of sofas made for brands such as Flexform, Minotti and B&B Italia.


A huge amount of research is invested in ergonomic and cushion design. Weylandts is manufacturing these models under licence compliant to the European specs, under the same quality. The range is interchangeable therefore the configurations are endless and can fit into most spaces and suit all requirements. All elements are freestanding. This unit contains crocodile brackets that can be tucked away.


  • Please note that the price mentioned above is the starting FROM price.
  • Loose covers are attached with Velcro to a durable fleece lining for ease of adjustment to slipcover.
  • Note the above price is the manufacturing price only and excludes fabric/leather.
  • Full range of fabric and leather samples available in store or on request.
  • Available in a 2 Seater, 2.5 Seater, 3 Seater, 4 Seater, Corner Unit, Longchair, Armchair and an Ottoman – view Size/Colour options below.
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South Africa
Upholstered with Slip Cover
L 1940mm | W 1050mm | H 820mm

Fabric & Leather



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FABRIC(1 ARM)SOFAFWEB0027L1360mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR19880
LEATHER(1 ARM)SOFALL1277L1360mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR30700
FABRIC(NO ARMS)SOFAFWEB0026L 1200mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR18240
LEATHER(NO ARMS)SOFALL1309L 1200mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR28500
FABRIC(2 ARMS)SOFAFWEB0029L 1940mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR21 880
LEATHER(2 ARMS)SOFALL2050L 1940mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR34900
FABRIC(1 ARM)SOFAFWEB0030L 1760mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR21140
LEATHER(1 ARM)SOFALL1171L 1760mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR33600
FABRIC(NO ARMS)SOFAFWEB0028L 1620mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR19600
LEATHER(NO ARMS)SOFALL1178L 1620mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR31600
FABRIC(2 ARMS)SOFAFWEB0032L 2300mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR24300
LEATHER(2 ARMS)SOFALL1192L 2300mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR38800
FABRIC(1 ARM)SOFAFWEB0033L 2160mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR23 660
LEATHER(1 ARM)SOFALL1185L 2160mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR37600
FABRIC(NO ARMS)SOFAFWEB0031L 2020mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR22120
LEATHER(NO ARMS)SOFALL1189L 2020mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR35500
FABRIC(2 ARMS)SOFAFWEB0035L 2700mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR26220
LEATHER(2 ARMS)SOFALL1034L 2700mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR44700
FABRIC(1 ARM)SOFAFWEB0036L 2560mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR25480
LEATHER(1 ARM)SOFALL1195L 2560mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR42700
FABRIC(NO ARMS)SOFAFWEB0034L 2420mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR24040
LEATHER(NO ARMS)SOFALL1203L 2420mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR40600
FABRICSOFAFWEB0038L 1110mm | W 1110mm | H 820mmR12360
LEATHERSOFALL1214L 1110mm | W 1110mm | H 820mmR21200
FABRIC(1 ARM)SOFAFWEB0041L 1160mm | W 1600mm | H 820mmR18 860
LEATHER(1 ARM)SOFALL1219L 1160mm | W 1600mm | H 820mmR31100
FABRICSOFAFWEB0037L 1100mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR12520
LEATHERSOFALL1210L 1100mm | W 1050mm | H 820mmR21700
FABRICSOFAFWEB0045L 800mm | W 800mm | H420mmR8700
LEATHERSOFALL1269L 800mm | W 800mm | H420mmR12000
FABRICSOFAFWEB0042L 1000mm | W 800mm | H 420mmR9640
LEATHERSOFALL1139L 1000mm | W 800mm | H 420mmR14800
FABRICSOFAFWEB0043L 1050mm | W 1050mm | H 420mmR9760
LEATHERSOFALL1232L 1050mm | W 1050mm | H 420mmR14700
FABRICSOFAFWEB0044L 1200mm | W 800mm | H 420mmR9760
LEATHERSOFALL1247L 1200mm | W 800mm | H 420mmR14700



Avoid exposure to direct sunlight UV and heat. This could cause fading and discolouration. Vacuumat least once a week with a soft brush. Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth, do not rub ortry to clean with chemicals. Avoid sitting in the same place all the time or sitting on sofa armsRemove, rotate and plump up loose cushions regularly and dress other parts of the sofa. Dressloose cover regularly. Professional cleaning is usually recommended.

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