Light it like Lebo

Tips and tricks to set the scene

It’s often said that before we taste a meal, we eat with our eyes.

And while we all pay careful attention to the place settings and cutlery of our dining spaces, the kitchen often becomes a space where utility outshines design. Filmmaker, Lebogang Rasethaba has spent his life in search of a balance between the utility of the medium and beauty of the story that needs to be told.

Now, Chris and Lebo dish on the recipe for the perfect kitchen to help you curate a beautifully designed space that remains the functional heart of the home.

Structure your kitchen like the perfect plate.
A simple, space with breathing room is what you’re after. Build your kitchen with items in the same way you build a gorgeous plate – with fewer impactful flavours.

A pinch of creativity for flair.

Add personal items like books and design objects to balance out sleeker appliances. Garnish with greenery to bring a fresh, living element.

Take your cues from nature

Organic elements like wood, marble and raw ceramics will ground your space, making it the place where your family naturally gravitates. To give a bolder edge, bring touches of brass cutlery and dark crockery.