Curate a reading nook

The world is yours for the reading

There’s hardly ever a cup of tea big enough, or a book long enough for us to truly escape, but author Angela Makholwa has some words of advise and personal notes from her own home for making the escape, however fleeting, all the more comfortable.

Light the way

Layer the lighting in your nook with a reading lamp over your reading area and another source of ambient light for the space as a whole. Pendant lights also offer a great way to bring the space to life while still allowing enough light to let your eye wander from page to page.

Relax into a new story

A reading chair is the most central character in your nook. It’s where you’re going to curl up, lie back or recline into the next chapter. Before settling for whatever gorgeous piece is on trend, consider the way you like to read. You’re looking for the right firmness to support you as you whirl through that epic page-turner. Paired with an ottoman, you’ll have enough room to kick your feet up and escape. The right material and texture is also vital. You’re looking for natural finishes like full-grain leather and 100% cotton.

Embellish a little

Having a throw on hand to keep warm or an extra cushion to prop up against is all the accessorising you need.