The world out there

Portraits of
the World’s
Remotest Tribes


It can be hard to stand out in our homogenous Western society, with its proliferation of blue jeans and flat-pack furniture. Yet in spite of the relentless march of modernity, Planet Earth is still a wild place. From the mountains of Mongolia to the desert of Namibia, people live in communities so remote that they are untouched by Western civilization.

I have travelled all over the world in search of objects that are rare, unique and handcrafted. Whether it’s an ornamental door from India or an antique Shandong chair from China, I’m drawn to objects with a story; pieces that are imbued with a history of the culture from where they originate.

Though some may call me a romantic idealist, I hope that collecting these objects will help preserve the memory of these great cultures in the face of encroaching modernisation.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one. In his ambitious book “Before They Pass Away”, British-born photographer Jimmy Nelson travels to remote places in the hope of immortalising the world’s least-touched tribes before it’s too late—and maybe, in the process, showing what we have lost to modernization.


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