Art room

  • Chris Weylandt
  • 22 December 2015
  • Art room

Set in Stone

Concrete comes in from the coldstrip-four

Having recently completed an extensive building project at Misty Cliffs near Cape Point, I consider myself intimately acquainted with concrete.

It really is the humblest of materials: a hard wearing blend of gravel, sand, cement and water that remains associated with sidewalks and highway overpasses. But recently, it’s undergone a resurgence in popularity. In fact, in the right hands, concrete can be elevated to high design.

No longer relegated to outdoor areas, the utilitarian mixture is migrating to main living areas, serving as focal points in lounges and accents in bedrooms.

In the home, concrete can be found everywhere from light fixtures and counter tops to wallpaper and tableware. And it’s being incorporated into the wardrobes of the fashion-forward, too. Geometric forms are the shapes of choice, complemented with other natural materials like copper, pewter, leather and wood.

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